The Orange and Pink Hyacinth Special

We love to mix together orange and pink flowers in our gardens. Here we have combined the luscious oranges and pinks of Hyacinth orientalis Fondant, Gypsy Queen, Pink Pearl and Sweet Invitation. It’s a fresh, fragrant addition to any garden whether you mix them all together, or plant them in individual clusters. The combination is absolutely beautiful.

Individually bagged and labeled, it is specially priced 20% less than our already terrific prices. Normal shipping charges apply. Height: 8” to 12”. Bloom time: April. Bulb size: 16/17 cm. Horticultural zones 4-8.

  • 5 Hyacinth orientalis Fondant: Neyron-rose, paler edges.
  • 5 Hyacinth orientalis Gypsy Queen: Salmon-apricot.
  • 5 Hyacinth orientalis Pink Pearl: Fuchsia-pink, paler edges.
  • 5 Hyacinth orientalis Sweet Invitation: Creamsicle-apricot blending to rose-pink.
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