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Muscari comosum

Circa 1596 from the area of the Mediterranean, the Tassel Hyacinth yields unusual racemes of fertile (open), mahogany-purple florets highlighted green topped with a wild tuft of sterile (closed) bright blue-purple florets above ample foliage clumps. Definitely a conversation piece. Commonly referred to as Grape Hyacinths, deer- and rodent-resistant Muscari naturalize readily in well-draining soil and in full to partial sunlight. You’ll need about nine bulbs per square foot. Bulb size: 6/8 cm. Full to partial sunlight. Bloom time in horticultural zone 5: Late May. Plant 5" deep and 3" to 4" apart. HZ: 4-8. Height: 8" to 12".

Muscari are The Art & Soul of Spring.

Muscari Horticultural Tips
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