For years, we sold an environmentally-friendly Organic Dutch Flower Bulb Fertilizer as a courtesy to our customers. Unfortunately, due to rising product and UPS Ground shipping costs, it is no longer feasible for us to sell and ship it to you. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Nonetheless, we do encourage you to use a commercially available fertilizer close to a 4-10-6 blend for flower bulbs and Peonies. It should slowly release essential nutrients over time and contain bone meal as just one of its natural, organic ingredients. We recommend top-dressing new and mature flower bulb and Peony plantings three times a year. Please do not place fertilizer in the bottom of planting holes or mix it into the soil at the bottom of each planting hole. There is no incremental benefit to incorporating it into each hole at planting time: you run the risk of causing root burn which can stunt growth and result in foliage only, or few if any flowers. Broadcast the fertilizer as a top dressing only, after the bulbs are planted and the soil is gently tamped down. If it does not rain within a week or so of planting, gently water the planting site.

Apply a fertilizer top dressing three times a year. In the fall to help grow a healthy and thorough root system and again in the early spring when sprouts first poke through the soil, to help grow the foliage and flower. And finally, in the late spring or early summer just before the flowers start to die back, to help grow and nourish the bulb or root stock itself. Again, it should be applied as a top dressing only, at the rate of about one heaping teaspoon per bulb or as instructed. You should be able to find a granular, time release 4-10-6 fertilizer at your local garden center or nursery.

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