There are few flowers more glorious than Hyacinths~they are the art, soul and fragrance of spring. Their sweet, bee-loved perfume has filled the finest of gardens since the Dutch hybridized plumper, more densely compacted flowering spikes than those of the wild species found in the eastern Mediterranean circa 1562.

Plant Hyacinths in high traffic spots so their sweetness may be savoured. Mix two or more varieties for a signature blend, or plant individual clusters throughout perennial beds like a recurrent melody. Hyacinths are also wonderful cut flowers. In a vase, they will fill your home with intoxicating scent. Hyacinths are perfect for forcing, too. Imagine the dazzling pots of color and fragrance in the depth of winter.

Pictured, left to right, top to bottom: Hyacinths City of Haarlem, Aiolos, Gypsy Queen, Blue Jacket, Aqua, The Hyacinth Bedding Mixture, Royal Navy, Jan Bos, Sweet Invitation, Fondant, White Pearl, Miss Saigon, Pink Pearl, Delft Blue, Woodstock and Yellowstone.