Nothing is better for brightening the gloomy days of winter than blooming Amaryllis. The Amaryllis bulbs that we all see blooming around the holidays are Christmas Flowering Amaryllis from South Africa. From the southern hemisphere, they pop out of dormancy quickly and grow rapidly for blooms in just four to six weeks, just in time for decorating your holiday table. For blooms in the quieter months of January, February and March, when we need them to raise our spirits and brighten short days, opt instead for Dutch Amaryllis. Grown in The Netherlands, Dutch Amaryllis bloom eight to twelve weeks after being potted up. They are huge, extremely floriferous and spectacular. They truly bring the outdoors into your home. 

Potting up Dutch Amaryllis at the same time as Christmas Flowering varieties and then every two to four weeks thereafter will ensure blooms all winter long. Potted, not-yet-blooming Dutch Amaryllis bulbs also make wonderful holiday gifts. Present them in a beautiful pot with a bow and printed care instructions. Your frends and family who aren't familiar with Amaryllis will be puzzled at first, but in January and February, when those bulbs begin to bloom, you'll receive phone calls from amazed and ecstatic loved ones who cannot believe what they're seeing. Fun!

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Pictured, left to right, top to bottom: Dutch Amaryllis Terra Mystica, Sweet Star, Aphrodite, Red Pearl, Sweet Nymph, Spartacus, Lemon Star, Amadeus Candy, Apple Blossom, Gervase, Sofia, La Paz, Evergreen, Samba, Picotee and Neon.