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Peony Red Charm

Recognized as the best deep red double, this 1944 award-winning Glasscock hybrid has gigantic, ruffled, bomb-type deep merlot-red flowers with full, piled-high peaked centers and a sweet-spicy fragrance. Rootstock size: 3 to 5 eyes. Bloom time:May/June. 34" to 36". HZ: 4-8.

Planting instructions: These easy to grow, deer-resistant perennials require a cool winter climate to satisfy dormancy requirements; well-draining, loamy soil; good air circulation; abundant sunshine (never shade); and spring moisture. They are best planted, moved or divided in October for thorough root system development and nutrient storage before the ground freezes. Peonies prefer slightly acidic to neutral pH soil (6.0 to 7.0). Prepare the planting site by cultivating 2' wide by 1' deep holes, 3' to 4' apart. Fill each hole with 1' of good garden loam. Plant each rootstock so that the crown is just 2" below the soil level with the eyes (sprouts) pointing up. Carefully shovel in loose soil around the rootstock. Water well. After the ground freezes, mulch with sawdust, straw or evergreen boughs. In the fall, cut down the stalks 2" above ground level: discard all felled cuttings (not good for compost). Failure to bloom is usually due to rootstock crowns planted too deeply, too much shade, poor water drainage, an overcrowded planting site or a late spring killing frost (buds may look desiccated). If the peony crown was planted too deeply, dig up the rootball and rework the soil. Replant the rootball higher than the soil level. Water and mulch well through the summer: the crown should settle down to soil level. Otherwise, allow the peony foliage to grow and thrive for future year blooms.
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