The Pearl Lily Special

The tetraploid strain of Asiatic Pearl Lilies is incredibly strong. They have large, outward-facing flowers with slightly recurved petals, matching height and bloom time and just a wee sprinkling of freckles, if any. This year, we were able to add Pearl Justien, Pearl Loraine and the prized Pearl White to our collection.

Individually bagged and labeled, it is specially priced 20% less than our already terrific prices. Normal shipping charges apply. Top size bulbs: 16/18 cm. Height: 3’ to 4’. Bloom time: June/July. Plant them 7” deep and 12" apart. Horticultural zones 4-8. This special ships in mid-October once the Lily bulbs are received in our warehouse from the annual Dutch harvest.

  • 5 Asiatic Lily Pearl Justine : Mellow golden-orange.
  • 5 Asiatic Lily Pearl Loraine : Soft red, rose and coral highlights.
  • 5 Asiatic Lily Pearl Melanie : Lemon-yellow.
  • 5 Asiatic Lily Pearl White : Luminous white.
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