The Candy Cane Amaryllis Special

Over the long winter, there is nothing better than to find ways to bring the feeling of the garden indoors. Our new Candy Cane Amaryllis Special will sweeten long winter nights with its array of large, tropical red and white flowers. It’s fun to plant them eight to twelve weeks before Valentine’s Day: imagine the show!

Bright red Dutch Amaryllis Flamenco Queen, Samba, Silver Dream and Spartacus each have varying white starbursts, flames, throats and striations. Blooming in eight to twelve weeks once potted, these rather rare Amaryllis yield flowers on two or more flowering stems. They’ll come to you “bareroot”, meaning you can use your own favorite pots and sink them into cachepots or baskets as you wish. Why buy more pots?

Individually bagged and labeled, it is specially priced 10% less than our already terrific prices. Normal shipping charges apply. Planting instructions will be included with your order. Strictly for indoor enjoyment. Check out our whole Amaryllis collection to help your family survive the long winter ahead. After all, Amaryllis are the art and soul of winter.

  • 1 Dutch Single Amaryllis Flamenco Queen: Cherry-red, white striations, green and white throat.
  • 1 Dutch Single Amaryllis Samba: Lipstick-red, bright white star, ruffled.
  • 1 Dutch Single Amaryllis Silver Dream: Vivid rosy-red to scarlet, lime-green and white starburst, white marginated petals.
  • 1 Dutch Single Amaryllis Spartacus: Dark red, snow-white starburst, lime-green throat.
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