John Scheepers Flower Bulbs
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The following flower bulbs are available at
REGULAR published catalog prices.

9168 1/$13.50 Amaryllis Gift Box Picotee/Dutch
Single Royal Dutch.
White with red edge.
9175 1/$13.50 Amaryllis Gift Box Pink/Dutch
Single Royal Dutch.
9179 1/$13.50 Amaryllis Gift Box Red/Dutch
Single Royal Dutch.
9191 1/$13.50 Amaryllis Gift Box Orange/Dutch
Single Royal Dutch.
9196 1/$13.50 Amaryllis Gift Box White/Dutch
Single Royal Dutch.
9199 13/$143.75 Amaryllis Gift Box Baker's Dozen/Dutch
Single Royal Dutch.
Colorful mixture of 13.
9200 1/$14.75 Amaryllis Double Gift Box Aphrodite
Double Royal Dutch.
White and raspberry.
9203 1/$14.75 Amaryllis Double Gift Box Lady Jane
Double Royal Dutch.
Double rosy pink with white shading.
9205 1/$14.75 Amaryllis Double Gift Box Red Peacock
Double Royal Dutch.
Double red w/infrequent white stripe.
9530 1/$15.25 Amaryllis 38/ Pink
Royal Dutch Single 38/ Amaryllis.
9546 1/$15.25 Amaryllis 40/ Striped
Royal Dutch Single 40/ Amaryllis.
Red and white striped.
9550 1/$15.25 Amaryllis 40/ White
Royal Dutch Single 40/ Amaryllis.
Glistening white.

Dutch Double
9122 5/$44.50 Ama Royal Dutch Double Mix/5/30
Double Royal Dutch Mixture.
Colorful mixture of five favorites.
9290 1/$14.75 Am Aphrodite/Double/Dutch/34/burlap
Double Royal Dutch.
Blizzard-white w/pink striations.
9293 1/$13.25 Am Dancing Queen/Double/Dutch/34/bur
Double Royal Dutch.
Red and white striped.
9304 1/$13.75 Am Double Record/Dutch/34/burlap
Double Royal Dutch.
White with raspberry-red.
9306 1/$14.25 Amary Elvas/Double/Dutch/34/burlap
Double Royal Dutch. Pinkish-
white with raspberry brushmarks.
9310 1/$14.75 Amar Nymph/Double/Dutch/34/burlap
Double Royal Dutch.
White with coral-red feathering.
9331 1/$14.75 Am Red Peacock/Double/Dutch/34/burl
Double Royal Dutch.
Red w/ occasional narrow white midvein
9332 1/$14.75 Am Splash/Double/Dutch/34/burlap
Double Royal Dutch.
Tomato-red with white starburst.
9334 1/$14.75 Am Sunshine Nymph/Double/34/bur
Double Royal Dutch.
Coral-red w/pink hue, white star.

Dutch Miniature
9138 1/$15.50 Amar Neon /mn/Dutch/34/burlap
Miniature Royal Dutch.
Fuchsia-pink w/white throat, green eye
9504 1/$14.25 Amaryllis Emerald/cy/24/burlap
Cybister Amaryllis.
White with red striation/green eye.
9508 1/$13.75 Amaryllis Evergreen/cy/26/burl
Cybister Amaryllis.
Apple-green to chartreuse yellow.
9514 1/$13.75 Am Sweet Lillian/cy/24/burlap
Cybister Amaryllis.
Pale pink-white w/magenta striations.
9516 1/$13.75 Amaryllis Estella/tr/24/burlap
Trumpet Amaryllis.
Bright pink with white starburst.
9523 1/$14.75 Amaryllis Misty/tr/20/burlap
Trumpet Amaryllis.
Pale pinkish-white w/red striations.
9525 1/$13.75 Amaryllis Santiago/tr/24/burl
Trumpet Amaryllis.
Raspberry-red with white starburst.

Dutch Single
9061 8/$61.75 Amary Royal Dutch Mix/8/Dutch/30
Single Royal Dutch Mixture.
Colorful mixture of eight favorites.
9206 1/$13.75 Amary Ambiance/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
White with russet-red stripes.
9214 1/$13.75 Am Christmas Gift/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
9219 1/$13.75 Am Flamenco Queen/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
White with cherry red feathers.
9220 1/$13.75 Am Floris Hecker/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
9225 1/$15.50 Amary Gervase /Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
Pink and magenta.
9227 1/$13.75 Amary Hercules/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
Fuchsia-pink with white star.
9229 1/$14.50 Amary Lemon Star/Dutch/30/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
Citrus-ivory w/chartreuse throat.
9236 1/$15.75 Am Magical Touch/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
Deep red with white petal edge.
9238 1/$14.50 Amaryllis Monaco/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
Lipstick-red/lime green to white star.
9240 1/$13.75 Amaryllis Naranja/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
9247 1/$14.75 Amaryllis Picotee/Dutch/30/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
White with a vivid red edge.
9252 1/$15.75 Am Red Pearl/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
Velvety red.
9255 1/$13.75 Amary Rosalie/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
Salmon w/watermelon flush,white lights
9257 1/$14.75 Amaryllis Samba/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
Lipstick-red, white star.
9258 1/$14.75 Amaryllis Spartacus/Dutch/34/burl
Single Dutch Amaryllis.
Red with white star.
9263 1/$15.25 Amary Sweet Star/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
Pink with darker highlights.
9270 1/$15.75 Am Terra Cotta Star/Dutch/34/burl
Single Royal Dutch.
Hues of orange, green star.

Paperwhite Narcissi
9607 10/$9.25 Narcissus Ziva 16/17-burlap
All white.
9612 50/$42.25 Narcissus Ziva 17/+
All white.

Unknown class
9725 10/$0.00 Tulip Blue Spectacle

Dutch Iris Iris
3635 10/$10.50 Iris Pink Panther/Dutch
Dutch Iris. May/June. 18"-22".
Lavender-pink/magenta/yellow.Full sun.

Asiatic Lilies
7001 5/$16.75 Lily Apricot Fudge/asiatic 14/16 cm
Asiatic Lily. June/July. 3'-4'.
Pale caramel/yellow glow. Full sun.
7561 5/$11.50 Lily Pearl Melanie/asiatic 16/18 cm
Asiatic Lily. June/July. 3'-4'.
Lemon yellow. Full sun.

Oriental Lilies
7305 5/$11.75 Lily Casa Blanca /oriental 16/ cm
Oriental Hybrid Lily. July/Aug. 3'-4'.
White. Full sun.

1161 5/$21.25 Allium Forelock
Allium. June/July. 24"-36". Mahogany-
red with white tips. Full sun.
1297 1/$17.50 Allium Tripedale
Allium. May/June. 32"-36".
Rose-pink w/fuchsia star. Full-pt sun.

2105 50/$10.75 Anemone Blanda Blue Shades
Anemone Blanda. April/May. 4".
Hyacinth-blue. Full to part sun.
2138 25/$10.50 Anemone Blanda White Splendour
Anemone Blanda. April/May. 4".
White. Full to part sun.
2149 25/$6.75 Anemone Blanda Windflower Mix
Anemone Blanda. April/May. 4". Mix of
mostly blue w/pink and white. F-pt sun

3012 25/$15.25 Brodiaea Laxa Silver Queen
Brodiaea. May/June. 18".
Silver-white. Moist soil. Full sun.

3074 50/$11.00 Chionodoxa Luciliae
Chionodoxa. April. 5"-6".
Lavender-blue. Full to part sun.
3080 25/$7.75 Chionodoxa Luciliae Alba
Chionodoxa. April. 5"-6".
White. Full to part sun.

3210 3/$14.00 Eremurus Bungei
Eremurus. May/June. 3'-6'.
Yellow/orange. Full sun.
3218 3/$16.00 Eremurus Ruiter Hyb Pinocchio
Eremurus. May/June. 3'-6'. Dark to
pale russet-yellow. Full sun.

3413 1/$7.75 Frit Imperialis Maxima Lutea
Fritillaria. April/May. 36".
Yellow. Filtered sun.

3310 25/$21.75 Freesia Ambiance/sn
Single. HZ 3-8:Grow under cool, green-
house conditions. 18"-24". White.
3321 25/$21.75 Freesia Boulevard/db
Double. HZ 3-8:Grow under cool,green-
house conditions. 18"-24". Yellow.
3324 25/$21.75 Freesia Maya/sn
Single. HZ 3-8:Grow under cool, green-
house conditions. 18"-24". Pale Yellow
3328 25/$21.75 Freesia Mercurius/sn
Single. HZ 3-8:Grow under cool, green-
house conditions. 18"-24". Blue.
3342 25/$21.75 Freesia Orion/sn
Single. HZ 3-8:Grow under cool,green-
house conditions. 18"-24". White.
3364 25/$21.75 Freesia Purple Rain/db
Double. HZ 3-8:Grow under cool, green-
house conditions.18"-24".Fuchsia-lilac
3372 25/$21.75 Freesia Red Passion/sn
Single, HZ 3-8:Grow under cool, green-
house conditions. 18"-24". Red.
3388 25/$21.75 Freesia Volante/db
Double. HZ 3-8:Grow under cool, green-
house conditions. 18"-24". White.

Dutch Iris
3625 25/$11.75 Iris Eye Of The Tiger/Dutch
Dutch Iris. May/June. 18"-22".
Violet-blue/bronze/yellow. Full sun.
3629 25/$6.75 Iris Montecito/Dutch
Dutch Iris. May/June. 18"-22".
White/golden yellow. Full sun.
3637 25/$12.50 Iris Red Ember/Dutch
Dutch Iris. May/June. 18"-22".
Purple red/copper/yellow. Full sun.
3643 25/$11.75 Iris Silvery Beauty/Dutch
Dutch Iris. May/June. 18"-22".
Flax blue/ivory/yellow. Full sun.

3727 25/$8.00 Muscari Aucheri Blue Magic
Muscari. April/May. 6"-8".
Sky blue w/ white eye. Full-part sun.
3743 25/$7.25 Muscari Latifolium
Muscari. April/May. 6". Oxford-blue/
periwinkle-blue. Full to part sun.

3798 25/$7.25 Push Sc Var Libanotica Alba
Striped Squill. April. 5".
White. Full to part sun.

3922 25/$18.50 Hyacinthoides Hisp Dainty Maid
Scilla/Spanish Bluebell. May. 12"-15".
Violet-pink. Full to part sun.

Gift Certificate
9830 1/$0.00 A Gift Certificate
Any amount over $60
for your favorite gardener

Split-Cup Narcissi
8317 10/$15.50 Narcissus Mallee
Split-Cup Narcissus. April. 16".
White/Yellow/Salmon-Pink. Fll-pt sun.
8486 10/$8.75 Narcissus Sorbet
Split-Cup Narc. Late April. 16". White
w/white/yellow/orange cup. Full-pt sun
8510 10/$14.50 Narcissus Sunnyside Up
Split-Cup Narc. April. 14"-16".
White/Yellow. Full to part sun.

Cyclamineus Narcissi
8245 10/$9.00 Narcissus Jetfire
Cyclamineus Narcissus. April. 8"-10".
Yellow/orange cup. Full to part sun.
8416 10/$8.25 Narcissus Rapture
Cyclamineus Narcissus. April. 10"-12"
Golden yellow. Full to part sun.
8501 10/$17.00 Narcissus Sugar Dipped
Cyclamineus Narc. April. 16"-18".
White with yellow funnel. F-pt sun.
8562 10/$9.00 Narcissus Tweety Bird
Cyclamineus Narcissus. April. 10"-12".
Golden yellow. Full to part sun.
8590 10/$15.25 Narcissus Winter Waltz
Cyclamineus Narcissus. April. 14".
White/yellow/pink. Full to part sun.

Jonquilla Narcissi
8174 10/$7.75 Narcissus Golden Echo
Jonquilla Narcissus. May. 14". White
with yellow trumpet. Full-part sun.
8263 10/$7.75 Narcissus Kedron
Jonquilla Narcissus. May. 12".
Apricot-yellow/orange. Full-part sun.
8282 10/$7.75 Narcissus Kokopelli
Jonquilla Miniature Narc. April. 6"-8"
Yellow w/darker cup. Full to part sun.
8569 10/$7.75 Narcissus Twinkling Yellow
Jonquilla Narcissus. May. 8"-10".
Vivid-yellow. Full to part sun.
8593 10/$7.75 Narcissus Yazz
Jonquilla Narcissus. May. 12"-14".
White/peachy-pink. Filtered sun.
8600 10/$7.75 Narcissus Yellow Sailboat
Jonquilla Narcissus. May. 10"-12".
Lemon yellow. Full to part sun.

Large Cupped Narcissi
8136 10/$11.75 Narcissus Flower Record
Lrg Cupped Narc. Late April. 18"-20".
White/yellow/red. Full to part sun.
8175 10/$11.75 Narcissus Golden Salome
Large Cupped Narc. April. 16".
Pale to golden yellow. Full-part sun.

Miniature Narcissus
8052 25/$13.50 Narc Bulbocodium Golden Bells
Miniature Narcissus. April. 6"-8".
Golden-yellow. Full to part sun.
8053 10/$9.00 N Bulbocodium White Petticoat
Miniature Narcissus. April. 6"-8".
White. Full to part sun.

Tazetta Narcissi
8078 10/$9.25 Narcissus Cragford
Tazetta Narcissus. April. 16"-18".
White/orange. Full to part sun.
8123 10/$7.75 Narcissus Falconet
Tazetta Narcissus. April. 12"-14".
Yellow w/orange cup. Full-part sun.
8166 10/$7.75 Narcissus Golden Dawn
Tazetta Narcissus. April/May. 16".
Yellow/orange. Full to part sun.

Trumpet Daffodils
8164 10/$9.50 Narcissus Goblet
Bi-color Daffodil. April. 16"-18".
White and yellow. Full to part sun.
8350 10/$13.50 Narcissus Orange Sunset
Trumpet Daffodil. April. 16"-18".
White/melon-orange. Full to part sun.
8498 10/$13.00 Narcissus Strong Gold
Trumpet Daffodil. April. 16"-18".
Golden-yellow. Full to part sun.

8908 1/$15.00 Peony Bartzella
Herb. & Tree Peony. June. Mid. Dbl.
2'-3'. Lemon-yellow/red. Full sun.
8916 1/$40.25 Peony Canary Brilliants
Herb. Peony. June. Mid. Semi-double.
28"-32". Peach-copper/pink. Full sun.
8918 1/$18.00 Peony Celebrity
Herb. Peony. June. Mid. Double.2'-
3'. Fuchsia-raspberry/white. Full sun.
8922 1/$9.50 Peony Coral Sunset
Herb. Peony. May/June. Early. Semi-
Double. 28"-32". Coral-pink. Full sun.
8924 1/$20.75 Peony Do Tell
Herbaceous Peony. June. Mid. Single.
32". Pink/rose/yellow. Full sun.
8932 1/$12.25 Peony Eden's Perfume
Herbaceous Peony. June. Mid. Double.
30". Pink. Full sun.
8934 1/$12.25 Peony Gardenia
Herb. Peony. May/June. Early-Mid. Dbl.
34". Blizzard white. Full sun.
8935 1/$19.25 Peony Henry Bockstoce
Herb. Peony. May/June. Early-Mid. Dbl.
40". Cardinal red. Full sun.
8936 1/$22.50 Peony Joker
Herb. Peony. May/June. Dbl. 30"-32".
Dp pink to wht w/magenta edge. Fll sun
8937 1/$9.50 Peony Koningin Wilhelmina
Herb. Peony. June. Mid. Double. 30".
Pale-fuchsia pink,blush edge. Full sun
8938 1/$15.00 Peony Lady Liberty
Herb. Peony. May/June. Dbl. Mid-Late.
2'-3'. Magenta, apr/pnk/crm. Full sun.
8942 1/$15.00 Peony Purple Spider
Herbaceous Peony. June. Mid-Late. Dbl.
32". Purple-fuchsia. Full sun.
8946 1/$18.00 Peony Red Charm
Herbaceous Peony. May/June. Early. Dbl
34"-36". Deep merlot-red. Full sun.
8950 1/$11.75 Peony Riches And Fame
Herbaceous Peony. June. Mid. Double.
28"-30". Violet-pink. Full sun.
8952 1/$12.25 Peony Top Brass
Herb. Peony. June. Mid. Double.
34". White/yellow/pale pink. Full sun.

Double Early Tulips
5492 10/$11.00 Tulip Marie Jo
Double Early Tulip. Mid-April. 14-16".
Dbl yellow, fragrant. Full-part sun.
5540 10/$11.75 Tulip Monsella
Double Early Tulip. Mid-April. 12".
Canary yellow/red flame. Full-part sun
5836 10/$8.75 Tulip Viking
Double Early Tulip. Mid-April. 14"-16"
Cherry-red, yellow flame. Full-pt sun.

Emperor Tulips
5718 10/$8.50 Tulip Red Emperor
Emperor Tulip. Mid April. 16"-18".
Fiery-red,yellow base. Full to pt sun.
5791 10/$9.25 Tulip Sweetheart
Emperor Tulip. Mid April. 16"-18".
Lemon-yellow/white. Full to part sun.
5884 10/$9.00 Tulip Yellow Purissima
Emperor Tulip. Late April. 16"-18".
Canary yellow. Full to part sun.

Fringed Tulips
5114 10/$9.00 Tulip Burgundy Lace
Fringed Tulip. May. 26".
Wine-red. Full to part sun.

Giant Darwin Hybrid Tulips
5373 10/$9.00 Tulip Golden Parade
Gnt Darwin Hyb. Mid-April/May. 24".
Buttercup-yellow. Full to part sun.
5429 10/$7.75 Tulip Jaap Groot
Gnt Darwin Hyb. Mid-April/May. 22".
Melon-yellow/white. Full-part sun.
5611 10/$8.25 Tulip Parade
Gnt Darwin Hyb. Mid-April/May. 24".
Signal-red. Full to part sun.
5720 10/$8.25 Tulip Red Impression
Gnt Darwin Hyb. Mid-April/May. 20"-22"
Red w/purple base. Full to part sun.
5882 10/$9.00 Tulip World's Favorite
Gnt Darwin Hyb. Mid-April/May. 18".
Red w/ yellow edge. Full to part sun.

Lily Flowering Tulips
5113 10/$12.00 Tulip Budlight
Lily Flowering tulip. May. 22".
Yellow w/white edge. Full to part sun.
5846 10/$10.00 Tulip West Point
Lily Flowering Tulip. May. 20".
Yellow. Full to part sun.

Multi-Flowering Tulips
5025 10/$10.00 Tulip Antoinette
Multi-Flowering Tulip. May. 16".
Yellow/raspberry-orange. Full-pt sun.

Parrot Tulips
5103 10/$12.75 Tulip Blue Parrot
Parrot Tulip. May. 22".
Violet w/blue sheen. Full to part sun.

Peony Flowering Tulips
5104 10/$9.75 Tulip Blue Spectacle
Peony Flowering Tulip. Late April. 20"
Deep violet-purple. Full to part sun.
5533 10/$7.75 Tulip Miranda
Peony Flowering Tulip. Late April. 22"
Red/yellow. Full to part sun.

Single Early Tulips
5303 10/$8.25 Tulip Flair
Single Early Tulip. Mid April. 14".
Ruby red w/yellow edge. F-pt sun.
5690 10/$7.75 Tulip Purple Prince
Single Early Tulip. Mid April. 14".
Lilac-purple. Full to part sun.

Single Late Tulips
5040 10/$10.00 Tulip Avignon
Single Late Tulip. May. 26".
Spinel-red. Full to part sun.
5413 10/$9.00 Tulip Hocus Pocus
Single Late Tulip. May. 28".
Yellow w/red flames. Full to part sun.
5697 10/$8.25 Tulip Queen Of Night
Single Late Tulip. May. 24".
Velvety-maroon. Full to part sun.
5731 10/$9.25 Tulip Rhapsody Of Smiles
Single Late Tulip. May. 16"-18".
Blend of yellow/red. Full to part sun.
5804 10/$9.00 Tulip Temple Of Beauty
Single Late Tulip. May. 30".
Salmon-rose. Full to part sun.
5837 10/$9.25 Tulip Violet Beauty
Single Late Tulip. May. 18".
Violet-purple. Full to part sun.

Species Tulips
5043 25/$9.75 Tulip Bakeri Lilac Wonder
Species Tulip. May. 7".
Rose-lilac/yellow. Full to part sun.
5604 10/$7.50 Tulip Orphanidea Flava
Species Tulip. April/May. 9".
Green/Yellow. Full to part sun.

Triumph Tulips
5059 10/$8.50 Tulip Bastogne
Triumph Tulip. April/May. 18".
Blood red. Full to part sun.
5345 10/$8.50 Tulip Gavota
Triumph Tulip. April/May. 16"-18".
Chestnut-maroon/yellow. Full-part sun.
5377 10/$10.00 Tulip Golden Prince Claus
Triumph Tulip. April/May. 22".
Lemon-yellow. Full to part sun.
5412 10/$9.00 Tulip Helmar
Triumph Tulip. April/May. 22".
Yellow w/ ruby flames. Full-part sun.
5445 10/$8.25 Tulip King's Orange
Triumph Tulip. April/May. 22".
Red/orange/yellow. Full to part sun.
5558 10/$7.75 Tulip Negrita
Triumph Tulip. April/May. 18".
Deep purple. Full to part sun.
5773 10/$10.50 Tulip Spryng
Triumph Tulip. April/May. 14".
Azalea-red. Full to part sun.
5777 10/$7.75 Tulip Strong Gold
Triumph Tulip. April/May. 16"-18".
Yellow/faint orange flame. Full-pt sun
5803 10/$8.50 Tulip Synaeda Blue
Triumph Tulip. April/May. 14"-16".
Lilac-rose/purple/white. Full-part sun
5811 10/$9.00 Tulip Tom Pouce
Triumph Tulip. April/May. 18"-20".
Pink w/yellow base. Full to part sun.

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