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Gift Certificates

Share the special beauty of bulbs with a John Scheepers gift certificate. It is a perfect present any time of the year for family and friends. It is also a wonderful present for a church, school, day care center, hospital or local community garden.
All you have to do is fill in the information requested below and we will mail it with a catalog to you or the recipient. The recipient can use the gift certificate whenever he or she pleases (it never expires). Once they place their order, we will ship their flower bulbs at the proper time for fall planting in their area (from late September through early November). It is like receiving three presents: the gift certificate, the flower bulbs and an absolutely beautiful spring garden filled with exquisite Dutch flowers.
(Please note that we can mail catalogs and gift certificates virtually anywhere, but we are only allowed to ship flower bulbs to physical UPS Ground shipping addresses within the contiguous, continental United States. Our minimum order is $35 apart from the UPS Ground shipping charge and Connecticut sales tax, if applicable.)
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