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The Sizzling Beauty Special

One of our favorite new combinations is that of Emperor Tulips Albert Heijn and Apricot Emperor planted among our Ravishing All-Pink Narcissus Mixture. This long, cool spring, it bloomed for over three weeks! It was a real head-turner. A beautiful, sizzling combination.

Individually bagged and labeled, it is specially priced 20% less than our already terrific prices. Normal shipping charges apply. Tulip height: 14” to 16”. Tulip bulb size: 12 cm/up. Narcissus height: 16” to 20”. Narcissus bulb size: DNII. Bloom time: April/May. Plant 6” to 8” deep and 6” apart. Horticultural zones 3-7.

  • 20 Emperor Tulip Albert Heijn: Deep rose-pink flushed purple.
  • 20 Emperor Tulip Apricot Emperor: Dark to pale coral-apricot, paler cheeks.
  • 50 Ravishing All-Pink Narcissus Mixture: A diverse blend of Large Cupped, Double and Jonquilla Narcissi. Ivory, pick to coral-pink cups.
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