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The Late Spring Cutting Garden

There is nothing better than meandering around the garden, scissors in hand, sneaking stems here and there for sweet little vases. We deserve to treat ourselves to the beauty of our gardens!

Here we have paired four of our favorite late spring cut flowers in a range of blue and white with a touch of yellow..

Individually bagged and labeled, it is specially priced 20% less than our already terrific prices. Normal shipping charges apply. Bloom time: April/May. Horticultural zones 6-8.

  • 25 Brodiaea laxa Silver Queen: Silver-white. Bulb size: 5 cm/up. 18”.
  • 25 Brodiaea Rudy: Pale blue, darker stripes. Bulb size: 5 cm/up. 14” to 18”.
  • 25 Iris hollandica Mystic Beauty: Purple-blue, pale lavender with golden blotches. Bulb size: 8 cm/up. 18” to 22”.
  • 25 Iris hollandica Silvery Beauty: Pale flax-blue, cream-white with yellow blotches. Bulb size: 8 cm/up. 18” to 22”.

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