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The Luscious Pink Narcissus Special

We adore the delicate coloration of Narcissi with horticultural pink cups. Here are four of our personal favorites from among the Large Cupped, Jonquilla and Cyclamineus Narcissus classes. They are so very beautiful, so delectably luscious. They are best planted in areas of filtered sunlight so they may develop to the pinnacle of their pinkness.

Individually bagged and labeled, it is specially priced 20% less than our already terrific prices. Normal shipping charges apply. Top size bulbs. Plant 6" deep and 6" apart. April/May. Height: 14” to 20”.

  • 10 Jonquilla Narcissus Bell Song: Buff-yellow to white petals, pale pink cup. Bulb size: 12/14 cm. May. 14” to 16”. HZ: 5-9.
  • 10 Large Cupped Narcissus Faith: White petals, salmon-pink cup. Bulb size: 12/14 cm. April. 16”. HZ: 3-7.
  • 10 Large Cupped Narcissus Passionale: White petals, yellow-pink cup. Bulb size: 15/17 cm. Late April/May. 18” to 20”. HZ: 3-7.
  • 10 Large Cupped Narcissus Pink Charm: Ivory petals, pale apricot to Chinese-coral edged, ivory cup. Bulb size: 14/16 cm. 18” to 20”. HZ: 3-7.
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