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The Garden Blue BedSpread Special

Narcissi and Tulips are even more beautiful when underplanted with low-growing blue perennial bulbs like Anemone blanda Blue Shades, Chionodoxa forbesii Blue Giant, Ipheion uniflorum Rolf Fiedler and Muscari armeniacum. The contrast between white Narcissi and pastel Tulips above blue low-growers causes each to sparkle and showoff even more.

Individually bagged and labeled, it is specially priced 20% less than our already terrific prices. Normal shipping charges apply. Top size bulbs.

  • 50 Anemone blanda Blue Shades: The Grecian Windflower. Hyacinth-blue. Bulb size: 5 cm/up. April/May. 4”.
  • 25 Chionodoxa forbesii Blue Giant: Glory of the Snow. Vivid blue, white centers. Bulb size: 5 cm/up. April. 4” to 8”.
  • 50 Ipheion uniflorum Rolf Fiedler: The Spring Starflower. Bright periwinkle-blue. Bulb size: 4 cm/up. April/May. 3” to 6”.
  • 50 Muscari armeniacum: The Blue Grape Hyacinth. Bright cobalt-blue. Bulb size: 9 cm/up. April/May. 6”.
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