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The Lawn Tapestry Crocus Special

Create an early spring lawn tapestry with this collection of Crocus tommassinianus varieties. It has been reported that these varieties are NOT eaten or moved by squirrels! These little bulbs will dot your lawn with glistening gems of pale lilac to deep reddish-purple with every shade in between. There is nothing better after a long winter than to see the first Crocus poking bravely through the soil. Terrific naturalizers, they may be planted en masse in sun-dappled lawns, in rock gardens or as path side drifts. Always allow the foliage to die back naturally before mowing.

Individually bagged and labeled, it’s specially priced 20% less than our already terrific prices! Normal shipping charges apply. Bulb size: 5 cm/up. Height: 4". Bloom time: Late March/early April. Plant 4" deep and 3" to 4" apart. Horticultural zones 4-8.

  • 50 Crocus tommasinianus Barr’s Purple: Amethyst-violet.
  • 50 Crocus tommasinianus Lilac Beauty: Soft lilac, violet-pink.
  • 50 Crocus tommasinianus Roseus: Cyclamen rose, violet sheen.
  • 50 Crocus tommasinianus Ruby Giant: Spectrum-violet.
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