John Scheepers Flower Bulbs
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This list is subject to frequent change.

***Minimum order is $35.00***

Office hours for sales and customer service are 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET
Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday
at 860-567-0838. Orders may also be submitted via our secure online order system.

The following flower bulbs are available at
REGULAR published catalog prices.

9165 1/$16.50 Amaryllis 40/ Red
Royal Dutch Single 40/ Amaryllis.
9170 1/$16.50 Amaryllis 40/ Striped
Royal Dutch Single 40/ Amaryllis.
Red and white striped.
9225 1/$15.25 Amaryllis Gift Box Orange/Dutch
Single Royal Dutch.

Dutch Double
9474 1/$16.25 Am Aphrodite/Double/Dutch/34/burlap
Double Royal Dutch.
Blizzard-white w/pink striations.
9480 1/$15.50 Am Dancing Queen/Double/Dutch/34/bur
Double Royal Dutch.
Red and white striped.
9496 1/$16.25 Am Sunshine Nymph/Double/34/bur
Double Royal Dutch.
Coral-red w/pink hue, white star.

Dutch Miniature
9510 1/$13.50 Amaryllis Estella/tr/24/burlap
Trumpet Amaryllis.
Bright pink with white starburst.
9515 1/$13.75 Amaryllis Evergreen/cy/26/burl
Cybister Amaryllis.
Apple-green to chartreuse yellow.
9530 1/$13.75 Amaryllis Misty/tr/20/burlap
Trumpet Amaryllis.
Pale pinkish-white w/red striations.
9550 1/$13.75 Am Sweet Lillian/cy/24/burlap
Cybister Amaryllis.
Pale pink-white w/magenta striations.

Dutch Single
9414 1/$14.25 Am Floris Hecker/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
9420 1/$15.75 Amary Lemon Star/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
Citrus-ivory w/chartreuse throat.
9425 1/$15.75 Am Magical Touch/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
Deep red with white petal edge.
9428 1/$14.25 Amaryllis Matterhorn/Dutch/34/bur
Single Dutch Amaryllis.
White w/green eye cicled in yellow.
9430 1/$14.25 Amaryllis Naranja/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
9436 1/$14.25 Amaryllis Picotee/Dutch/30/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
White with a vivid red edge.
9438 1/$14.25 Amaryllis Pink Surprise/Dutch/34/
Single Dutch Amaryllis.
Pink with darker veins/throat.
9444 1/$14.25 Amary Rosalie/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
Salmon w/watermelon flush,white lights
9447 1/$14.25 Amaryllis Samba/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
Lipstick-red, white star.
9457 1/$15.75 Amary Sweet Star/Dutch/34/burlap
Single Royal Dutch.
Pink with darker highlights.
9460 1/$16.25 Am Terra Cotta Star/Dutch/34/burl
Single Royal Dutch.
Hues of orange, green star.

Xmas Double
9648 1/$11.50 Amaryllis Zombie/Double/Christmas Flowering/24
Double Christmas Flowering.
Shades of salmon-pink with white.

Xmas Single
9612 1/$9.25 Amaryllis Christmas Star/Christmas Flowering/28
Single Christmas Flowering.
Fire-red with a white starburst.

3310 25/$21.75 Freesia Ambiance/sn
Single. HZ 3-8:Grow under cool, green-
house conditions. 18"-24". White.
3390 25/$21.75 Freesia Volante/db
Double. HZ 3-8:Grow under cool, green-
house conditions. 18"-24". White.

Gift Certificate
9830 1/$0.00 A Gift Certificate
Any amount over $60
for your favorite gardener

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