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There are many ways to create glorious spring gardens with fall flower bulbs. Imagine your gardens as if they were blank canvases and flower bulbs are your colorful palate. And it doesn't have to be tricky: we like to keep things rather simple. We encourage you to plant 80% of your gardens with naturalizing flower bulbs and perennial plant material. Each year, you can expand the plantings of your naturalizing flower bulbs: it doesn't have to all be done in just one year. After all, gardens are works in progress. Then, go wild with the remaining 20% of your garden which you can redesign annually! You may not want a purple and orange theme every year, but it is terrific for one ecstatic spring to be followed by sultry tangerine-pink, bold yellow-red or romantic white-salmon in subsequent years. It is amazing how just 20% can change the whole look and feel of your garden. Here are some of our favorite combinations of colorful tulips or naturalizing flower bulbs for you to try with a special 7% to 30% discount off of our normal prices. (And, please, don't forget to plant a cutting garden every fall so that you may grace your home with color-coordinated, fresh bouquets.)

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