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Website specials
Website Specials priced as shown below.

Prices effective March 07, 2014 for NEW orders placed
on or after March 07, 2014. Minimum shipping and handling: $6.95.

Website Specials at special pricing:
9157 1/$9.63(30% off!) Amaryllis Gift Box Apple Blossom/Dutch
Single Royal Dutch Hybrid.
White and pink.
9168 1/$9.63(30% off!) Amaryllis Gift Box Picotee/Dutch
Single Royal Dutch Hybrid.
White with red edge.
9173 1/$9.63(30% off!) Amaryllis Gift Box Pink/Dutch
Single Royal Dutch Hybrid.
Dark pink.
9179 1/$9.63(30% off!) Amaryllis Gift Box Red/Dutch
Single Royal Dutch Hybrid.
9191 1/$9.63(30% off!) Amaryllis Gift Box Salmon/Dutch
Single Royal Dutch Hybrid.
9196 1/$9.63(30% off!) Amaryllis Gift Box White/Dutch
Single Royal Dutch Hybrid.
9205 1/$10.15(30% off!) Amaryllis Double Gift Box Red Peacock
Double Royal Dutch Hybrid.
Double red W/infrequent white stripe.

Dutch Double
9293 1/$7.35(30% off!) Amary Dancing Queen/Double/Dutch/34
Double Royal Dutch Hybrid.
Red and white striped.
9306 1/$7.35(30% off!) Amaryllis Elvas/Double/Dutch/34
Double Royal Dutch Hybrid. Pinkish-
white with raspberry brushmarks.
9308 1/$7.35(30% off!) Amaryllis Jewel/Double/Dutch/34
Double Royal Dutch Hybrid.
White with yellow throat.
9310 1/$8.23(30% off!) Amaryllis Nymph/Double/Dutch/34
Double Royal Dutch Hybrid.
White with coral-red feathering.
9331 1/$8.05(30% off!) Amary Red Peacock/Double/Dutch/34
Double Royal Dutch Hybrid.
Shining red.

Dutch Miniature
9127 1/$6.48(30% off!) Amaryllis Neon /mn/Dutch/30
Miniature Royal Dutch Hybrid.
Fuchsia-pink w/white throat, green eye
9133 1/$6.30(30% off!) Amaryllis Fairy Tale/mn/Dutch/30
Miniature Royal Dutch Hybrid.
White with red stripe.
9142 1/$9.28(30% off!) Amaryllis Papilio Imp/mn/Dutch/24
Miniature Royal Dutch Hybrid.
Creamy-burgundy w/brown flame.
9507 1/$6.65(30% off!) Amaryllis Evergreen /cy/26
Cybister Amaryllis.
Apple-green to chartreuse yellow.
9515 1/$7.35(30% off!) Amaryllis Estella /tr/24
Trumpet Amaryllis.
Bright pink with white starburst.
9522 1/$8.05(30% off!) Amaryllis Misty/tr/20
Trumpet Amaryllis.
Pale pinkish-white w/red striations.

Dutch Single
9010 1/$5.78(30% off!) Amaryllis Exotica/Dutch/30
Single Royal Dutch Hybrid.
Pale-apricot and white.
9045 1/$5.43(30% off!) Amaryllis Rosalie/Dutch/30
Single Royal Dutch Hybrid.
Salmon w/watermelon flush,white lights
9247 1/$7.18(30% off!) Amaryllis Picotee/Dutch/30
Single Royal Dutch Hybird.
White with a vivid red edge.
9257 1/$7.70(30% off!) Amaryllis Royal Velvet/Dutch/34
Single Royal Dutch Hybrid.
Velvety red with darker throat.
9260 1/$6.83(30% off!) Amaryllis Summertime/Dutch/34
Single Royal Dutch Hybrid.
Watermelon-pink,white lights.

Paperwhite Narcissi
9608 10/$5.78(30% off!) Narcissus Ziva 16/17
All white.
9612 10/$6.13(30% off!) Narcissus Ziva 17/+
All white.
9625 1/$5.43(30% off!) Narcissus Paperwhite Gift Box
Paperwhite. Indoor Narcissus Gift Box
All white.

Xmas Double
9452 1/$8.75(30% off!) Amaryllis First Love/Double/Christmas Flowering/30
Double Christmas Flowering.
Soft pink with white striations.
9457 1/$8.75(30% off!) Amaryllis Zombie/Double/xm
Double Christmas Flowering.
Shades of salmon-pink with white.

Xmas Single
9480 1/$8.23(30% off!) Amary Merry Christmas/Christmas Flowering/32
Single Christmas Flowering.
9488 1/$8.23(30% off!) Amaryllis Wedding Dance/Christmas Flowering/32
Single Christmas Flowering.
Glistening white w/pale green throat.

Website Specials

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