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Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to our final END-OF-SEASON SALE through John Scheepers Beauty from Bulbs! Bring the special beauty of bulbs to your family's gardens with our collection of the best Dutch flower bulbs and Herbaceous Peonies. We all know how important our gardens are to the health and well-being of our families and communities. What would spring be without the easy magic of flower bulbs? They are the art and soul of spring.

6646 Single Late Tulip Bleu Aimable 50/$19.95
6647 Fringed Tulip Carousel 50/$21.95
6651 Multi-flowering Tulip Happy Family 50/$16.25
6652 Lily Flowering Tulip Marilyn 50/$17.25
6654 Greigii Tulip Oratorio 50/$13.75
6659 Emperor Tulip Poco Loco 50/$16.50
6664 Kaufmanniana Tulip Stresa 50/$14.25
6667 Large Cupped Narcissus Greengarden 50/$36.50
6671 Hyacinthoides hispanica Mixture 50/$10.50
6672 Kaufmanniana Tulip Early Harvest 50/$18.25
6673 Green Tulip Flaming Spring Green 50/$29.75
6674 Kaufmanniana Tulip Gaiety 50/$19.00
6677 Species Tulip Praestans Fuselier 50/$17.25
6679 Greigii Tulip Tottori 50/$24.50
6684 Butterful Narcissus Mixture 50/$23.75
6685 Brodiaea coccinea 50/$12.50
6686 Brodiaea laxa Silver Queen 50/$13.75
6687 Scilla bifolia rosea 50/$7.50
6688 Split-Cup Narcissus Blazing Starlet 50/$26.75
6689 Large Cupped Narcissus Brackenhurst 50/$23.75
6690 Large Cupped Narcissus Derringer 50/$17.50
6692 Cyclamineus Narcissus Tweety Bird 50/$21.75
6693 Trumpet Daffodil Yellow River 50/$26.75

Help us find good homes for our remaining flower bulbs! As long as you can work the soil, you can plant bulbs! We're closed for Thanksgiving now, but will be here on Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and over the weekend from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to assist you.

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Amaryllis & Paperwhites: The Art & Soul of Winter
We all look forward to the coming holidays. We invite you to take a look at our new line of Art & Soul of Winter Amaryllis and Paperwhite Gift Boxes. We've expanded our collection of Dutch Amaryllis in John Scheepers as well as created a rustic burlap bag in which to nestle each plump Amaryllis bulb along with a vintage horticultural label. You may also choose to have your Ziva Paperwhites nestled into a burlap bag as well.

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