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Multi-Flowering Blue Festival Hyacinth

Photo: Multi-Flowering
Blue Festival Hyacinth
Blue Festival is purple-blue with paler petal edges and delicously fragrant. Multi-flowering with up to six stems per bulb, the flowering stems are more loosely formed than regular Hyacinths with less compact florets. These prized, multi-flowering Festival Hyacinths are wonderfully fragrant and reminiscent of the old Roman Hyacinths. We suggest that these precious bulbs be planted in clusters where you can best enjoy their fragrance in the garden. They may also be forced in sweet pots or in glasses. (Shown here at the Breezand flower show in an interesting Dutch arrangement with supportive twigs.) Bulb size: 17 cm/up. April. 8" to 12". HZ: 4-8. You may also want to try Multi-Flowering Festival Hyacinths Pink Festival and White Festival.
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